Planning / Development / Manufacture / Quality


Since the company was established in 1950, our employees have consistently come together to put our technique and experience into providing the best products we can. Though we deal mostly with frozen cakes and other sweets, we also provide side dishes, ice creams, and gummy candies, and have also expanded our services into manufacturing for commercially-made cakes. Our expert staff work use select ingredients to provide high-quality, “hand-made” products we can be proud of. From planning and development to manufacturing, we strive to meet our customers’ needs to the best of our abilities.

企画・開発Planning and development

Planning and development


Creating the products customers are looking for


We are committed to repeated testing and focused product development with an eye on what the customers want. We want to provide cakes that taste the best they possibly can, as if they were freshly made that day.


Product Planning and Development based on Company Proposals


We gathered a team of professionals with experience in all aspects of patisserie, from development and manufacturing to sales, who are always at the forefront of marketing and product research. Through this background they are able to plan and propose products that have the added hand-made feel that comes from a patissier’s point of view. We also boast plenty of experience in exhibitions and product development outside of Japan, allowing us the opportunity to experiment with trendy ingredients and products, while also maintaining a focus on traditional Japanese sweets.


Our Products

  • カットケーキカットケーキ
  • タルトケーキタルトケーキ
  • ポーションケーキポーションケーキ
  • ポーションケーキポーションケーキ
  • シフォンケーキシフォンケーキ
  • パウンドケーキパウンドケーキ
  • ミルクレープミルクレープ
  • ホールケーキホールケーキ
  • アイスアイス
  • シュークリームシュークリーム
  • キッシュキッシュ
  • ラザニアラザニア
  • ミートパイミートパイ
  • Cake by the SliceCake by the Slice
  • TartsTarts
  • Single-Portion CakesSingle-Portion Cakes
  • Single-Portion CakesSingle-Portion Cakes
  • Chiffon CakesChiffon Cakes
  • Pound CakesPound Cakes
  • Mille CrepesMille Crepes
  • Whole CakesWhole Cakes
  • Ice CreamIce Cream
  • Cream PuffsCream Puffs
  • QuicheQuiche
  • LasagnaLasagna
  • Meat PiesMeat Pies




We maintain high standards to bring our customers products they can trust to always be made with the best and freshest ingredients, in an environment with well-managed factory conditions and personnel. Each stage of manufacturing adheres to strict rules and regulations; all products must pass rigorous quality screening involving the inspection of raw ingredients and packaging materials, as well as security cameras, x-rays, and metal detectors installed both inside and outside the factories. By aiming for higher quality and a more efficient production process, we are able to respond flexibly to customer requests.




Establishing HACCP-compatible factories to provide customers with safe and trustworthy products.


宇都宮工場はとちぎHACCP、北海道工場は 北海道HACCPをそれぞれ取得しております。

HACCP is a process that predicts possible issues such as microbial contamination and metal contamination for each stage of manufacturing, from the receipt of raw materials to the final product, and continuously monitors and records particularly important processes that lead to the prevention of harm. It is the basis of the “General Sanitation Management Manufacturing Process” certification system set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Strict monitoring of the process and quality control are thoroughly implemented to ensure safe and reliable products.

Our Utsunomiya factory is already Tochigi HACCP certified, and our Hokkaido factory is already Hokkaido HACCP certified.
We are working to obtain FSSC 22000 to maintain and improve hygiene standards continuously.

2000年9月 HACCP対応工場を宇都宮にオープン
2010年10月 とちぎHACCP取得(冷凍食品製造業・菓子製造業)
2018年11月 北海道工場オープン
2019年12月 北海道HACCP取得(冷凍食品)
2021年 FSSC22000取得予定
Sept, 2000 HACCP certified Utsunomiya Factory opened
Oct, 2010 Tochigi Factory receives HACCP certification (Frozen food/confectionary manufacturing)
Nov, 2018 Hokkaido Factory Opened
Dec, 2019 Hokkaido Factory receives HACCP certification (Frozen food)
2020 FSSC22000 acquisition scheduled (under preparation)




The latest in cold storage technology allows us to better monitor our products, improving traceability and product safety. For safety and peace of mind, and to deliver the most delicious products possible, we have introduced the latest machinery, and consistently monitor freezing conditions, from initial refrigeration to shipment.

管理方式 ロット管理
敷地面積 6.500㎡
建屋面積 1,100㎡
冷蔵設備 -25℃
Lot Management
Site Area 6.500m2
Building Area 1,100m2
  • 冷凍庫
  • 冷凍庫

工場案内Factory Information

Factory Information



Utsunomiya Factory


The Utsunomiya factory deals mainly in the planning, development, and manufacturing of products for domestic and international cafe chains, restaurant chains, and wholesale retailers.


Main Equipment

  • ミキサー │ 60クォート 90クォート シングル&ツインミキサーミキサー
  • トンネルオーブン │ 遠赤外線ガス式業務用オーブントンネルオーブン
  • トンネルフリザー │ 業務用エアブラスト急速冷凍機トンネルフリザー
  • 充填機充填機
  • 超音波カッター超音波カッター
  • 水平切りスライサー水平切りスライサー
  • ウェイトチェッカー │ オートチェッカーウェイトチェッカー
  • 異物検査機 │ 金属検出機・X線検査機異物検査機
  • 印字機 │ インクジェットプリンター印字機
  • 印字検査機印字検査機
  • シュリンク包装機シュリンク包装機


  • Mixer / 60 qt, 90 qt, single & twin mixers Mixer
  • Tunnel Oven / far-infrared gas-type commercial ovensTunnel Oven
  • Tunnel Freezer / commercial air-blast quick freezersTunnel Freezer
  • Filling MachineFilling Machine
  • Ultrasonic CutterUltrasonic Cutter
  • Horizontal SlicerHorizontal Slicer
  • Weight Checker / Auto CheckerWeight Checker
  • Contamination Inspection Machine / metal detectors / x-ray inspection machinesContamination Inspection Machine
  • Printer / inkjet printerPrinter
  • Printing Inspection MachinePrinting Inspection Machine
  • Shrink-Wrapping MachineShrink-Wrapping Machine

[Other Machinery] Commercial Cleaning Machine, Air Shower



Hokkaido Factory


Beginning operations in November, 2018, the Hokkaido factory handles much of our international orders. Using carefully selected local ingredients, we manufacture and pack products suited to the tastes and cultures of our overseas customers.

  • ミキサー │ 30クォート、60クォート、90クォート シングル&ツインミキサーミキサー
  • デッキオーブン │ 3段型電気式固定窯デッキオーブン
  • 水平切りスライサー水平切りスライサー
  • 充填機充填機
  • 印字機 │ インクジェットプリンター印字機
  • 金属検出機付きウェイトチェッカー │ オートチェッカー金属検出機付き
  • シュリンク包装機シュリンク包装機


  • Mixer / 30 qt, 60 qt, 90 qt, single & twin mixers Mixer
  • Deck Oven / Three-stage electric fixed kilnDeck Oven
  • Horizontal SlicerHorizontal Slicer
  • Filling MachineFilling Machine
  • Printer / inkjet printerPrinter
  • Weight Checker with Metal Detector / Auto CheckerWeight Checker
    with Metal Detector
  • Shrink-Wrapping MachineShrink-Wrapping Machine

[Other Machinery] Commercial Cleaning Machine, Air Shower

会社案内Company Information

Company Information


Since the company was founded in 1950, we at Nitto Cone Arm have strived to meet customer expectations by constantly building on our experience and improving our techniques to deliver mass-produced premium frozen sweets that look and taste just like they were hand-made. Our original recipes and manufacturing technology make it possible to freeze products at their most delicious moment and deliver that taste not just across Japan, but to anywhere in the world. We hope to continue bringing safe and delicious treats that brighten everyone’s lives into the world. We are always aiming for higher quality “premium” feeling products, no matter the lifestyle or budget. We see these changes as an opportunity to evolve and continue to find new ways to meet our customers’ needs and requests. We’ve also looked to expand outside of Japan, building the Hokkaido factory in 2018 to meet overseas demands. In 2021, we plan to open a new next-generation Utsunomiya factory to continue improving our culinary creations.

Nitto Cone Arm Co.,Ltd.


会社名 株式会社 日東コーン・アルム
所在地 本社・工場
〒321-0111 栃木県宇都宮市川田町965
TEL.028-636-4550 FAX.028-636-1086
〒068-0853 北海道岩見沢市大和三条7丁目26
TEL 0126-35-7061 FAX 0126-35-1905
協力工場 (株)北海道アイスLab.
〒004-0864 北海道札幌市清田区北野四条1-9-11
TEL.011-375-6862 FAX.011-375-6872
創業 1950年5月
Company Nitto Cone Arm Co.,Ltd.
Address Office / Factory
965 Kawadamachi, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken, 321-0111
TEL.028-636-4550 FAX.028-636-1086
Hokkaido Factory
7-26 Yamato-sanjou, Iwamizawa-shi, Hokkaido, 068-0853
TEL 0126-35-7061 FAX 0126-35-1905
Subcontract Factories Hokkaido Ice Lab. Co., Ltd.
1-9-11 Kitano-yonjou, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 004-0864
TEL.011-375-6862 FAX.011-375-6872
Yayou Co., Ltd.
1-6-16 Minato-machi, Shiogama-shi, Miyagi-ken
Bonheur Co., Ltd.
7732, Ooaza Amori-aza nikyozuka, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken
Established May, 1950
Employees approx. 130 (including part-time)